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Welcome to Applychance

ApplyChance was founded by two UBC Ph.D. students, Mahyad Aghigh and Arash Nikzad, in early 2019, and is a registered venture in the e@UBC incubator program. ApplyChance is developing a platform to connect professors and departments with the best-suited graduate school applicants. Professors and departments will also be able to perform an efficient and effective review and assessment of applicants’ profiles to identify the most promising applicants early in the admission process and provide them with incentives such as scholarships to join their programs or research groups. Our venture is supported by UBC mentors and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and has recently been selected for the prestigious Phase 3 accelerator at e@UBC, where only 1% of all the ventures getting into it.

Our aim is to build a healthy ecosystem for the graduate admission process that is transparent and equitable. We are a network of successful graduate students in North American universities, who are passionate about connecting talents with diversified backgrounds with professors to increase the efficiency and quality of researches and postgraduate programs. We are here to save both applicants and professors time and increase the quality of research in graduate-level programs by connecting most talented applicants to the right research groups and professors. Through our proprietary AC-ScoreTM, which is a score developed with the inputs of more than 100 faculty members to quickly and fairly gauge a graduate applicant’s resume, we detect the most-suited applicants and direct them to the right universities, departments, and even research groups. GPA or ranking of your current undergraduate institutes may not be the best indicator of one’s research potential. Consequently, we incorporate many other factors in developing our AC-ScoreTM. The weights of those factors are adjusted based on over 100 professors’ inputs in North America. AC-ScoreTM serves as a quick and effective tool for professors to screen and identify quality applicants. Applicants can use AC-ScoreTM to fine-tune the focus of their applications to the best-suited programs with a higher likelihood of successful admission
Who we are
A network of successful graduate students in North American universities to help applicants find their best graduate-level educational path.
What we do
Through our proprietary AC-ScoreTM we detect the most-suited applicants and connect them with professors.
How we do it
The factors and their respective weights in the AC -Stores are developed by consulting over 100 professors in North America of their admission criteria and decision-making process.
mission and vision
To build a healthy ecosystem for the graduate admission process that is transparent and equitable.
To provide graduate school applicants and faculties with useful, organized and unbiased information, which makes the admission process efficient, effective and equitable.