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Social Mobility

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“Social Mobility is languishing”, Harvard’s Sandel said.

There are thousands of ways that a person chooses a path to follow and chance has a great role in what people do in their life. It could assume that meritocracy would be ideal in a community, but what happens to talent and different chances? Is meritocracy fair or is it only a coincidence?

Yes, so many decisions have been made without our interference but one can play with these choices and make success applicable and attainable. Because success is a combination of talent and practice.

In recent years, education and educated people have obtained an important role in our lives. However, being in the loop of failure does not mean weakness. It is the lack of knowledge, and it is not some random cards to shuffle but requires standardized patterns.

ApplyChance’s goal is to provide people with merit-based opportunities and decrease the number of roles of the chance to grow social mobility among talented and hardworking applicants.


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