What is AC-Score™?

Each graduate applicant has a unique set of skills, experiences, and background on his or her resume. Someone may have focused only on grades and educational excellence, while someone else has mainly focused on doing research. Some might have graduated from top universities with no work experience, while some others are from average universities but have extensive work or research experience. AC-Score™ is a single number, ranging from 150 to 850, which quantifies an applicant resume’s strength, taking into account various aspects of his/her resume, including previous institution, GPA, exam scores, research records, work experience, etc.

How is AC-Score™ calculated?

AC-Score™ is just slightly more sophisticated than a weighted average formula. For each important component of resume (such as the previous university, GPA, English exam score, GRE, scientific publications, elapsed time since graduation, etc.) AC-Score™ formula takes in two inputs: an excellence factor and a weight factor.

Excellence factors represent the quality of each component. For example, a GPA of 90% has a higher excellence factor than a GPA of 75%, or an IELTS score of 8 has a higher excellence factor than an IELTS score of 6.5.

Weight factors show how important each component in relation to others for professors and admission committees when they intend to admit a new graduate student into their research groups and departments.

We have determined these factors through more than 100 hours of discussion with more than 100 university professors in Canada and the US. Moreover, we are continually getting feedback from a growing number of professors who use our platform to select their next superstar students in order to fine-tune these factors for every single professor’s preference.

Benefits of AC-Score™ 

  • For applicants: If you are an applicant, you probably want to know how your CV/resume is rated and evaluated by potential supervisors and/or admission committees. AC-Score™ does exactly that for you. You can also see what percentage of other applicants on our platform have higher, the same, or lower AC-Score™ than you. This helps you gauge yourself against all applicants, ultimately allowing you to make a more insightful decision as to which universities you may want to target and apply to.
  • For Professors: Have you ever found yourself trying to compare the academic excellence of an Indian applicant from university X with a GPA out of 10, with an Iranian applicant from university Y with a GPA out 20, with a Chinese applicant from university Z with GPA out of 5 (or 100), and at the same time comparing their research potential, and their academic preparedness? AC-Score™ removes that hassle for you by standardizing all GPA systems, university rankings, and research and publication records. From now on, just compare AC-Score™ of your applicants. AC-Score™ will help you shortlist hundreds of applicants and get the few you really want to know more about in a matter of few clicks. It is better to spend 90% of your review time on the top 10% of applicants. Isn’t it?  Also, if you would like to change the weight factors of AC-Score™, you can use the My-Score™ feature to design your formula to compare applicants based on your criteria.