What is AdmiChance™?

A successful application involves many small, yet essential steps, including but not limited to searching universities and professors’ research areas, finding their research publications, reviewing those publications, determining if there is an overlap of interests, and if so drafting personalized emails, going into an online interview, and eventually officially apply. Let’s face it; It is impractical to do all these for many different universities/professors by the application deadlines. Let alone the application fees that you need to pay for each official application.

To help you not waste your time and money, we have built our AdmiChance™ product. AdmiChance™ is an intelligent system that looks at your InfoSheet™ and estimates your chance of admission to each university. This way, you can focus your energy and money to only search the professors of the universities for which you have the highest chance of admission. Also, you can optimize your application strategies by knowing which universities you would most likely get admitted to, which ones are reasonable choices, and which universities would be long shots.

How does AdmiChance™ estimate my chance of admission at each university?

As opposed to AC-Score™ calculation, which uses a static formula to show the strength of an applicant’s resume, AdmiChance™ utilizes an evolving and constantly-improving formula to estimate your chance of admission to each university. We are using different machine learning algorithms to estimate this chance, based on a constantly-growing data set that we are collecting from previous applicants, current graduate students, and professors. So far, we have gathered several hundred sets of data from current graduate students, which we are using to train our model with. As we grow and collect more data points, the results will be more accurate.

AdmiChance™ benefits
  • For applicants: AdmiChance™ helps applicants determine on which universities they should focus their energy, time, and money. Realistically, you will not be able to compare, research, and get to know professors of more than ten universities very well. Using AdmiChance™, you can choose the universities for which your resume would be competitive enough. This way, your application for those universities will be of higher quality; you will save on application fees that would have otherwise been wasted. The results will be a higher chance of success at a lower cost for you.