Position Detail
Position Detail

PhD / Master’s Position in Cancer Imaging and Therapy

Arman Rahmim Posted 01-Apr-2022
The Position will close on: 01-Jan-2023 (266 days past)
The Program will start on: 01-Sep-2023 (23 days past)
Position Description

We are actively recruiting talented Master’s and PhD students (for 2023) via University of British Columbia Physics (including Medical Physics), Biomedical Engineering, and Interdisciplinary Oncology Program.

If you are joining via UBC Physics, please see Graduate Program Financial Information (including information on RA and TA funding for graduate students, and tuition remission for PhD students; in our lab, we may provide the added benefit/option of financially covering half of the TA load for added time towards research).

If joining via UBC BME, please see information on Graduate Student Tuition & Funding;

Relevant Applicant's Major(S)

medical physicsPhysics

Relevant work experience to be able to apply for this position


Paper / Conference papers in order to apply for this position

Is this position funded? ? Yes


Alquantitative imagingdosimetryradiomicspersonalized cancer therapymolecular imaginginverse problems
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