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Maximize your chance of admission to the right graduate program through
Support and guidance from experienced mentors
Expanding your academic network
Being informed of newly posted graduate positions
Knowing your CV strength via AC-Score.
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Find out the overall strength of your CV for graduate admission (AC-Score)
Admission Chance
know the chance of admission to each individual university in Canada or USA
Mentoring Services
Use our excellent mentoring services to maximize your chance of acceptance from the right graduate program for you
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Browse open positions posted by professors from North American universities
Academic Network
Connect with professors and other students in your field and start building your academic network
Place Of Conversation
Share your experiences, ask questions, and gain insights from your peers
What Is The ApplyChance AC-Market?


Applychance Ac-Market, an Intelligent Platform for Graduate Admissions
Academic consultation with mentors
Visa consultation with mentors
Consultation with ApplyChance CEO
Application planning
CV preparation
SOP/Personal Statement/ Letter of Intent preparation
Cover letter preparation
Letter of recommendation preparation
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Many professors across North America use our platform to advertise open positions within their departments and manage their applicants. Check out these positions for the right fit today!
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Your time --and inbox --is valuable.Let ApplyChance screen your applicants for you
Save time, no more emails from irrelevant applicants
Attract and select top-performers for your team
Evaluate and sort applicants in seconds
Access all registered applicants on our platform
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