We analyze your CV’s strength and estimate your chance of admission in different universities.
(Currently available for STEM graduate programs in Canada)
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Know your competitiveness through our AC-Score™ product

Ever wondered how competitive you are compared to other applicants of your targeted university? No need to wait more as AC-Score™ is here.  AC-Score™ shows your resume’s strength in the eyes of professors and admission committees. We calculate your AC-Score™ based on several factors on your resume (such as the previous university, GPA, exam scores), which we found unequally important for admission, after interviewing more than 100 professors from top universities in Canada and the US. We will then tell you how you rank compared to other users on the platform. Invite as many friends as possible to get more and more accurate statistical information. To learn more about AC-Score™ click here.

Get your chance of admission for selected universities by our AdmiChanceTM product

We are currently gathering admission data for many current graduate students from different Canadian universities to understand what AC-Score™ they had when they applied for graduate school in that university. Using these historical data, our platform can tell you if you have a high chance of admission to a university that we have enough historical data for. To learn more about AdmiChance™ click here.

Let opportunities find you

Create and manage your academic identity in our easy-to-use platform and let opportunities find you. By making your profile public, you can allow professors to see your profile when they search for candidates with similar credentials to you. Alternatively, you can share your non-public profile with professors by giving them a link and a unique password. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you woke up one day and saw you have been invited to an interview with a professor at a top university? What are you waiting for!

See where to invest your time and energy to increase your chance of admission

Your time is valuable and limited, and you do not want to lose it on what does not matter in the admission decision. That is why we have designed our platform so that it analyzes your resume’s strengths and weaknesses and suggests you how to improve your AC-Score™ to you, and therefore improve your chance of admission. After creating your free basic account, complete your InfoSheet™ to see your current AC-Score™ and how much it will improve if different factors of your resume are improved (e.g., language exam score, GRE, publications).

Get help from experts (Coming soon)

Preparing a quality application package is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor? Sometimes you may feel lonely on this path. That is why you may want to connect and get help from our mentors. Whether you need to have a friendly chat about your dream research group/graduate program or you need help preparing your application package, many mentors are available to help you with the best of their abilities. Our mentors are current (or previous) successful graduate students who understand your situation and can help you improve the quality of your application through different means. If you want to join this network as a mentor and help future applicants while making some extra cash, click here.

Communicate effectively with professors (Coming soon):

Are you one of those many applicants who do not receive any email responses from professors? We are here to help. Our platform walks you through drafting a professional and effective email which contains information that professors look for in an email. An experiment showed that the rate of response to emails increased by 34% when an applicant uses our suggested structure.

Personalized application plan (Coming soon):

Different applicants have different levels of preparedness. Some applicants need to take an English language exam, and some others do not. Some applicants need to take GRE, and some others do not. Our platform analyzes your situation and your goals to provide you with a personalized application plan.

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You can easily sort and screen interested applicants and select the ones best suited for your positions. This makes the process of hiring a new student more efficient.


You can easily complete your info sheet and see your AC-ScoreTM. Then you can find and apply for open positions in our platform based on your interests and experience.


Current graduate students around the world are welcomed to join us to share their valuable insight with the current applicants as the ApplyChance consultant (Coming Soon).

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ApplyChance connects graduate school applicants to professors in an efficient, effective and equitable way.


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Co-Founder & CEO
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Co-Founder, President & COO
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If you are an applicant who would like to apply for graduate school, you can easily register on our website and complete your info sheet then you will be able to see your AC-Score.

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