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Apply Chance is a startup founded by two former UBC Ph.D. students, Mahyad Aghigh and Arash Nikzad, and a computer scientist, Bardia Lozumi, in early 2019. It is a registered venture in the e@UBC incubator program. Apply Chance is developing a platform to connect professors and departments with the best-suited graduate school applicants. Professors and departments will also be able to perform an efficient and effective review and assessment of applicants’ profiles to identify the most promising applicants early in the admission process and provide them with incentives such as scholarships to join their programs or research groups.

Our mission is to build a healthy ecosystem for the graduate admission process that is transparent and equitable. We are a network of successful graduate students in North American, European, and Australian universities, who are passionate about connecting talents with diversified backgrounds with professors to increase the efficiency and quality of research and postgraduate programs. In fact, we are here to save both applicants’ and professors’ time and increase the quality of research in graduate-level programs.

Students majoring in a STEM subject, who are planning to pursue their postgraduate studies in a world-class university or research team, can use our services to achieve their goals. We also provide an opportunity for university professors to efficiently find the best-suited postgraduate students to join their research teams.

For Students: A range of services is provided on our platform, including evaluation of the CV through AC-Score, assessing admission chances for different universities, mentoring services, and finding open positions posted on the website. For faculty members: The platform can help university professors to post their open positions and find relevant applicants.

Our proprietary AC-Score is a scoring system developed to gauge a graduate applicant’s resume quickly and fairly. GPA or ranking of your current undergraduate institutes may not be the best indicator of your research potential. Consequently, we incorporate many other factors in developing our AC-Score. The weights of those factors are adjusted based on the inputs of over 100 professors in North American universities and institutes.

Mentoring services are aimed to provide applicants with a detailed plan followed by appropriate support in their application process. Currently, we provide three different mentoring services: group, semi-private, and private services. For detailed information on our mentoring services, please visit this page

For the semi-private mentoring service, you need to have at least an AC-Score of 400. For the private mentoring service, the minimum AC-Score is 450. The group mentoring service does not have any requirementsFor the semi-private mentoring service, you need to have at least an AC-Score of 400. For the private mentoring service, the minimum AC-Score is 450. The group mentoring service does not have any requirements.

Calculating your AC-Score, evaluating your admission chance to different universities, and applying for the open position posted on the website are the services that are completely free of charge.

For detailed information, please visit this page

Our mentors are all successful M.Sc. and Ph.D. students who are currently studying in world-class universities and institutions. We have a wide range of mentors with different backgrounds in STEM subjects providing an opportunity for new applicants to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, not. For several reasons, we believe that it is better for applicants to be involved in their application process. First, the quality of the required documents for admission will only reach its maximum level when the applicant is present in the process. Second, applying for postgraduate studies often requires interviews with a university professor, and hence, an applicant needs to be thoroughly informed of the information provided in his/her application documents. Finally, one of our main goals is to enhance applicants’ soft skills which will be essential for their future career paths. These soft skills will be developed in our mentoring sessions with applicants.

First, you need to sign up to our platform as an applicant. After creating your account profile, you will be able to apply for a position through the open positions list.

First, you need to sign up to our platform as a professor. Please note that you must use your academic email address to be verified as a “professor” in our platform. It is due to our strict policy regarding applicants’ privacy. Once you are verified, you can create your account profile, and you will be able to post your positions.

If you have already been accepted as a postgraduate student in a world-class university, you may be considered as a mentor in ApplyChance. Toward this end, you should apply through the “mentoring” section after registering on our platform.