Position Detail
Position Detail

Joint PhD Position in Structural Engineering

Gloria Faraone Posted 27-Oct-2022
Close the Position on : 15-Dec-2022 (10 days left)
Program Start Date : 01-Sep-2023 (270 days left)
Position Description


A position for a PhD student in the area of structural engineering is available for fall 2023

This is a joint doctoral program: 

prospective students will have the opportunity to spend their time at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and San Diego State University (SDSU) universities, benefitting from collaborations with researchers at both universities.


The project:

Through experimental and computational work, we will assess the vulnerability of the built environment to multi-hazard events, with a focus on the social vulnerability of populations in communities exposed to earthquakes and associated hazards.


Required qualifications:

  • BSC/MSc degrees in civil, structural or  system engineering or other related disciplines

Research experience in earthquake engineering and finite element analysis, Python, MATLAB

What we do offer

  1. 1. Financial support

2. team collaboration with academic researchers working on real problem solutions

3. contribution and participation in the international research community. 

Relevant Applicant's Major(S)

Civil And Architectural EngineeringCivil And EnvironmentalCivil EngineeringCivil And Infrastructure Engineering

Relevant Work Experience To Be Able To Apply For This Position


Paper / Conference Papers In Order To Apply For This Position

Highly Recommended
Is This Position Funded ? Yes


finite element analysissystem engineeringstructural engineeringCivilsocial vulnerabilityEarthquake
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